Friday, 10 June 2011

Google Adsense Questions

Google Adsense Questions Answers Series.
Question:. What is Allowed Sites?
Answer:    "Allowed Sites" are web pages in which a publisher want to display his Google Adsense Ads. If a web site is displaying your ads without your permission, the Clicks and impressions will not be recorded in the Google Adsense system sequentially you will not paid because Google Adsense will not take the charges from Google Advisors .
Question: How can we allow a site to display our Google Adsense Ads?

Answer:     Look at the picture or act upon the below steps.
  1. Open the page and login at
  2. Go to the "Allowed sites" under the tab "Adsense setup"
  3. Select the option "Only allow certain sites to show ads for my account"
  4. Now Type the URLs you want to display your Ads at the certain page
  5. Click "Save changes" You have done the job

Screen Shot for Google Adsense "Allowed Sites"

Friday, 20 May 2011

Google Adsense Terms

Here some Google Adsense terms defined
What is "Clicks"?
When a visitor come to your website or blog and your site or blog has Google Adsense Ads for different websites and visitor clicks his desired link given by Google Adsense, consequently visitor reaches an other website, it is called "Clicks".
What is "Ad Code"?
It is a code that Google provide his publishers to insert in his or her website or blog. So that you will be able to publish Google's advertisement in your web.
What is "Ad Unit"?
It is the collections of advertisement that are seen in a website in form of text or image.
What is "Text Ad"?
Text Ad means that you want to publish Google Adsense' Advertisement in text form in your website or blog.
What is "Image Ad"?
Image Ad means that you want to publish Google Adsense' Advertisement in image form in your website or blog.
What is a "Channel"?
Channel is used to track the Google Adsense'  performance by the publisher. So it is the categories of your Google Adsense account to facilitate yourself to check the "Clicks" and earnings.
What is "CPC"?
"CPC" is an abbreviation of cost per click. It is the money that is given to you by Google Adsense in lieu of advertisement in your website or blog.
What is "Page CTR"?
"Page CTR" is an abbreviation of click through rate.
What is "Page eCPM"?
Page eCPM stands for Effective Cost Per Thousand Impression.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Google Adsense Tips 2

What is a Meta Tag?
Many search engines search the result via of Meta Tag. Whenever an internet user want to get his required 
search, it is meta tag that help a search engine to provide one's search. The most important thing in this respect is, Description and Keywords. So take more your attention towards the meta tag and description.It will benefits to earn more money for your Google Adsense account. 

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Google Adsense Tips

Google Adsense Tips for Approval  
What to do for approval Google Adsense?

 Do as directed here, you will get Google Adsense approval account:
1.   Create an fresh blog signing up by gmail account at
2.   Create you post for at least one month with solid and real content not a stolen material from other websites.
3.    Apply for the Google Adsense and you will be success to get the account.


Sunday, 8 May 2011

Google Adsense Introduction 2

Google Adsense Introduction 2
Google Adsense doesn't approve urdu language made web site. But here are listed supported Adsense Language below.
Arabic                     French            Polish
Bulgarian                 German           Portuguese
Chinese (simplified)  Greek             Romanian
Chinese (traditional)  Hebrew          Russian
Croatian                    Hungarian       Serbian
Czech                       Italian              Slovak
Danish                      Japanese          Spanish
Dutch                       Korean             Swedish
English                      Latvian            Thai
Finnish                     Lithuanian         Turkish
 Norwegian              Ukranian

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Don't Cheat Google

Some Instructions for Google Adsense
It is very essential for a Google Adsense accountant to avoid from cheating methods like auto click software. Here are some tips that must be observed for the long run Google adsense programme.
(1)   Don't click on your on ads otherwise Google will bane you forever and you will not be able to get another account for your Google adsense.
(2)   One approval Google adsense account is enough for even 50 websites that you own.
(3)   Don't try to change the Google Adsense code your are provided by Google Adsense. Also don't write the words like "Click Here", "Useful Link", "Best Website" or "Visit Here" etc. You are imposed to write Advertisement, Sponsored by Goolge or "Add by Google". It is always best for you to leave it on automatic system and no need to change any thing. Yes, you are permitted to change the add color according to your website or blog.
(4)    Don't send your Google Adsense code to anybody by E-Mail or other sources.
(5)    Don't insert Google Adsense add in form of pop up window otherwise you will be banned.
(6)    Be honest with Goolge Adsense, It would change your future.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Adsense Apply

Google Adsense
Here is a method for Google Adsense in urdu. Lead you how to apply for this service. I would try to learn you the complete method step by step.
(1) Type URL "" for Adsense apply with out quotes or click here
(2)  Click on Get Started.
(3)   Fill the form providing your personal and website information.
(4)   Be serious to filling your account information because Google Adsense Team will take a review to your information specially about your website. Once you have approved by Google Adsense Team, you can use your Adsense account wherever you want
(5)  Caution! your website must meet the Google Adsense requirements.
Learn Google Adsense apply method via this picture in urdu

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Google Adsense Introduction

Google Adsense Introduction
Here is a complete guidance to know and participate about Adsense service. Through it one would be able to learn about Google Adsense enough.
One who knows about Internet, must knows about Google because Google has the best services as compared with other competitive. Almost in all over the world, people use to trust the Google services blindly due to its best performing in the Internet world.  

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